YZONE Celebrates 14 Years of Premium Riding Lifestyle

Exactly 14 years ago, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) opened a new excitement for Filipinos by building the brand’s Flagship Shop called YZONE. This establishment became a household name in the riding community, serving its purpose of showcasing what awaits them in the Yamaha world. Through the years, YZone has changed, not just in its location (previously located in Ortigas, now in Greenfield District Mandaluyong) but also adapted to the customer’s evolving demands and interests.

During the back-to-back lockdowns years ago, adapting to market changes was a challenge willingly accepted by Yamaha. When there was a significant shift in customer mindset, Yamaha believed that there’s always a place for the “showroom”; a place where everything about the brand is still within the customer’s reach. From this belief, YZone stands still, moving forward by implementing safety protocols while maintaining high-value customer service, and strengthening its connection online with customers nationwide.

What’s the next thing in the showroom?

As Yamaha marks another great year of YZone, there will be something more to unravel. A new perspective for enthusiasts to discover. The next in YZone is bound to REVel up on February 24, 2024.