Fall head-over-heels in love with the Maxus D60

Fantasize the many pleasurable journeys you and your appreciative family would make, and the energizing, productive work trips you’ll complete, on board a solid Maxus D60 Compact SUV that exudes the Max value-for-money.  Available in two variants, the Maxus D60 Pro and Elite are both powered by a 4-cylinder inline 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine coupled […]

February 18, 2023 Industry News

Maxus Road to Great Deals: Start 2022 right by driving home a Maxus with its biggest cash discount yet

The key to success is to start things off on the right foot. Whether in life or business, for personal or professional matters – you have to start your journey in the right direction in order to successfully achieve all your endeavors this 2022. And what better way to see through the fruition of all […]

January 22, 2022 Industry News

MAXimize holiday savings with Maxus Philippines’ extended cash discount offers and zero downpayment

The month of December is a very important time for families and businesses alike as long-awaited holiday plans are being rolled out and last minute business plans are finalized. Indeed, December brings a load of activities as everyone is preparing to close the passing year and anticipate the new one. Hence, to successfully accomplish these […]

December 14, 2021 Industry News