Isuzu D-MAX Dominates Latest Round of the 2024 Philippine Rallycross Series

The Isuzu D-MAX continues its winning streak in the 2024 Philippine Rallycross Series, dominating Round 5 held at the challenging CDS Offroad Playground located at Arden Botanical Estate. Driven by champion rally driver Louie Camacho, the D-MAX showcased exceptional performance in both the UV Class and Pick-up Class, solidifying its top position in the series.

Competing against various utility vehicles and pick-up truck models, the D-MAX demonstrated its superior durability and power. With its robust under chassis and powerful engine, the vehicle effortlessly navigated the 2-kilometer dirt track, recording the fastest lap time of 2:22 minutes. This impressive feat highlights the D-MAX’s capability to handle the rigorous demands of rallycross racing.

Currently, the Isuzu D-MAX leads the UV Class with 123.5 points, outpacing six other competitors. In the Pick-up Class, it tops the standings with 137.5 points, ahead of five other contenders. The continued success of the D-MAX is a testament to its engineering excellence and suitability for competitive motorsports.

“We are very much impressed by the power and performance that the D-MAX can provide while on the track. You can actually feel that this vehicle is designed for this kind of motorsport and can even go through more challenging tracks. With little modifications on its tires and wheels, we are able to create a champion on the dirt track,” said rally driver Louie Camacho.

The 2024 Philippine Rallycross Series, sanctioned by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), has been a prominent event for offroad and racing enthusiasts. Since 2022, the Isuzu D-MAX holds the championship title in the Pick-up category and continues to show dominance in the sport. With two more rounds remaining, the D-MAX is poised to retain its championship status.

“We are very confident that we will take home the championship again this year, the D-MAX is very capable and coupled with the expertise of our team driver we have a perfect combination this year. Not just in the Philippine but even in the other ASEAN countries, the D-MAX model really shows stellar performance in this type of motorsports, which is why we want to promote this kind of activity to our customers, especially younger generation to try this sport and discover the joy of driving on dirt,” said IPC Asst. Sales Division Head, Mr. Robert Carlos