Not Just for Business, this Bajaj Maxima Z Entered an Endurance Race

Are you wondering if there is a vehicle available in the market that is built for both business and endurance? Here’s the undisputed Bajaj Maxima Z! Mac Creus and Going Giddy put its cost-efficiency, durability, and comfort to the test when they entered the Cavite Endurance Challenge. Were they able to finish?

Incomparable Fuel Efficieny | The challenging 700km route only took three full tanks for the Bajaj Maxima Z! Thanks to its Fuel Injection (FI) system and 8L tank capacity, it can go further with less fuel. Significant savings on gasoline expenses can also increase income for business owners!

Unparalleled Durability | Bajaj Maxima Z proves that other than big bikes and motorcycles, three-wheelers can finish an endurance challenge! No matter how harsh the road conditions in Quezon Province or steepness of inclines in Ternate, Cavite, the durability of the Bajaj Maxima Z can keep up! Thanks to its heavy-duty CV shaft and dual front fork suspension. Also, loads and cargos up to 365kgs will surely be delivered in good condition with the 236.22CC engine of Bajaj Maxima Z!

Unmatched Comfort | As what Going Giddy said, “Hindi mahalaga kung sinong nakatapos [endurance race], ang mahalaga kung sinong nakapag pahinga.” The duo took 18 hours to finish the challenge with all the resting and sleeping they did brought about by the foldable flexi seats of the Bajaj Maxima Z! Its 60:40 flexi seating advantage can also help the multi-purpose diskarte for PUV use and business. Even on a day full of deliveries, the Bajaj Maxima Z will give you the comfort you need to drive your hustle!

Mac Creus and Going Giddy prove Bajaj Maxima Z’s multi-purpose built for business and endurance! Be on the lead in life’s diskarte with Bajaj Maxima Z for as low as P25,000 downpayment! Visit our website at to check the nearest authorize dealer shop in your area! If you want to have your own Bajaj three-wheeler, click on this link