Yamaha Revs with Gilas Pilipinas

Yamaha Motor Philippines has always supported the different lifestyles of the Filipino since it was established in 2007. When it was announced that the Philippines would be one of the host countries and main tourney location for the 2023 FIBA World Cup, Yamaha wasted no time in lending its support to the Gilas Pilipinas Men’s Basketball team. Being rooted deeply into the nation’s culture, where basketball rules above all sports, it was going to be an exciting ride leading up to the highly anticipated tournament. Officially named as the Lifestyle Motorcycle of Gilas Pilipinas, Yamaha established its passion for supporting the Filipino athlete and the toughness it requires to achieve success.

It goes beyond being one of the partners whose logos are included on ad placements. Yamaha Motor Philippines embodied the characteristics of those who chased greatness. At the forefront of this partnership was the Mio Gear, heralded as the toughest Mio Model. A machine that is an ideal partner for the challenges you face and the obstacles that hammer away at your fortitude. That is what the players of Gilas Pilipinas showed throughout their entire campaign. From selection to training, traveling across the seas for qualifying tournaments against the best of Asia, hurdling through distractions, and standing dauntless against unfathomable expectations.

When the FIBA World Cup was finally underway it was a wave of overflowing passion by the Filipinos, and it was almost enough to push Gilas Pilipinas to the next level. But when it faced consecutive losses and were challenged by scrutiny. It was a test of character, a battle of wills, and like in every battle it was time to play your tough. Through it all Yamaha would not waver in its support. Relentlessly revving for a breakthrough. And it finally came in the last match where Gilas Pilipinas drubbed China and secured their spot for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

But the support of Yamaha Motor Philippines as the official lifestyle motorcycle of Gilas Pilipinas did not end with the world cup. Now, it continues its support for the national team as they embark on their next challenge. To show their toughness in the Asian Games and finally claim the throne as the best basketball powerhouse in the continent.

Will they achieve glory? Yamaha believes so and remains firmly alongside Gilas Pilipinas no matter the outcome. Now that’s tough.