Petron introduces Fiesta Gas refillable LPG cylinder to Luzon customers

Following its successful launch in the Visayas last year, the new Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinders, the latest innovation from industry leader Petron Corporation in the LPG category, is now be available in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. Designed to be compatible with LPG-rated portable stoves and grillers, the Fiesta Gas 170- gram in refillable cylinders is safe and reliable, as the packaging is made of seamless aluminum alloy that can withstand high pressure, in compliance with Philippine National Standards (PNS).

The new product will make LPG more accessible to homes that still rely on charcoal or firewood or worse, illegally filled butane canisters for cooking. This reduces exposure to health and safety hazards, while o6ering a more convenient and budget-friendly cooking fuel option.

In addition to home use, portable stoves and grillers are becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts as well as restaurants and food outlets due to their portability and convenience. With a trusted brand like Fiesta Gas o6ering a safe, refillable cylinder, more users can confidently use the product without fear of gas leaks and fire hazards.

Aside from being a safer and more affordable cooking product, the Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinders is also environment-friendly, given its reusable nature. Users would only need to pay for the refill after initial purchase of the product. After consuming the contents, the aluminum alloy refillable cylinders can be returned to authorized Fiesta Gas dealers and retailers to get a filled cylinder in exchange. This ensures that consumers are getting the right product quantity and quality each time.

According to Petron Corporation President and CEO Ramon S. Ang, “Petron is a staunch supporter of the LPG Law that strengthens consumer protection. By offering a convenient, safe, and a6ordable solution, our new Fiesta Gas 170- gram in refillable cylinders protect Filipino homes from unsafe, substandard, and illegal butane canisters that are extremely dangerous.”

The new Fiesta Gas product was launched in Luzon in simple ceremonies held last June 21, 2023 at the Petron service station on C-5 Diego Silang, Taguig City. In attendance were Petron officials led by VP for Industrial Sales Virgilio Centeno, AVP for LPG Business Andrew Tan, AVP for Service Station Group Michael Flores, and Area Sales Manager for LPG Metro Manila Retail Kristian Paul Dantes. The Department of Energy (DOE) was represented by Director Rino Abad of the DOE-Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB) and Engr. Robert Cardinales (Senior Research Specialist) from the DOE-Retail Market Monitoring and Special Concerns Division.

Dir. Abad noted on the potential of the new product during the launch. “It’s very timely that Petron has introduced an alternative product for households that still rely on charcoal or illegally refilled butane canisters. By offering their new product, Petron is raising the bar for other players who would also like to enter the small refillable cylinder business. We hope to see Petron expand its footprint even more and encourage competition,” he said.