I wore the Spidi Super Net Tex Jacket and Here’s Why I’m still using it after my Thailand trip

I recently had the chance to test out the Spidi Super Net Tex Jacket, and I have to admit that it is really beyond my expectations. This motorcycle jacket is intended to combine usefulness with style, and it certainly succeeds in doing so.

I had to organize my riding gear when I was invited to a riding event in Thailand. I wanted to bring an equipment set that could adapt to various riding situations as the event required. Considering Thailand’s weather is so similar to the climate of the Philippines, I readily contemplated the heat and sudden downpours.

First and foremost, the Super Net Tex Jacket has a quality structure. It is constructed from a variety of premium materials, including mesh panels for the best airflow and a tough polyester outer shell. I have faith in the jacket’s ability to keep me safe in the event of an accident because it seems strong and well-built.

This jacket’s remarkable ventilation system is one of its best qualities. The chest, back, and arms are among the body parts that benefit most from ventilation, thus the mesh panels are strategically positioned there. I realized that the ventilation was outstanding, keeping me cool and comfortable even on scorching summer days. For riders who frequently travel long distances or reside in hotter climes, this is an important consideration.

Another thing that intrigued me about the Super Net Tex Jacket was the fit. An excellent task was done by Spidi in creating a jacket that feels snug without being constrictive. The jacket stays in place even at faster speeds thanks to the pre-curved sleeves, adjustable waist and cuff straps, and pre-curved sleeves. Stretch panels in strategic locations of the jacket additionally allow for flexibility and ease of movement when riding.

When it comes to motorcycle clothing, safety is always of the utmost importance, and the Super Net Tex Jacket does not fall short in this regard. On the shoulders and elbows, it has detachable CE-certified armor that offers superior impact protection. Riders who choose it can increase their safety by storing an optional back protection in the jacket’s pocket.

Multiple pockets on the outside and interior of the jacket offer plenty of storage space for tiny goods like keys, wallets, and even smartphones. This practicality has value because it minimizes the need for more stuff or gear while riding. In summary, the Spidi Super Net Tex Jacket offers versatility in terms of climate adaptability, layering capability, compatibility with different riding styles, adjustable fit, protection, and practicality. Its design and features cater to a wide range of riding conditions and preferences, making it a versatile choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Jacket Features:

Mesh made of high-strength polyester
Fabric with pierced mesh

Elastic fabric
Compatible with Step-In Armor
(Z53 Lev. 1, Z54 Lev. 1, Z147 Lev. 2, Z172 Lev. 2) Back protector device
Warrior chest protector accessory (Z138 Lev. 1, Z157) device
Elbow protection Force-Tech removable EN 1621-1:2012
Protection for warriors EN 1621-1 Lev. one shoulder


The approximate weight. 0.5 kg
M to XL in sizes
CE: Motorcycle safety gear in accordance with UE 2016/454
PPE – Motorcycle Protective Clothing (EN 17092-6:2020)

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