Yuasa Batteries Takes Stand Against Illegal Battery Imports

Yuasa is a globally renowned battery manufacturer and is now taking a strong stance against the influx of illegal battery imports in the Philippines. This surge of counterfeit and substandard products not only harms the company’s business but also poses significant safety risks to Filipino consumers.

For over a century, Yuasa is synonymous with ts  reliable, high-performance batteries. From motorcycles, to cars, to boats and power tools, Yuasa can power a wide range of vehicles and equipment, consistently earning a reputation for quality and dependability. In the Philippines, the importer of various automotive parts and products, the 55 year-old company, Promax Trading Company shelters Yuasa Batteries under its watch.

The Philippine market has witnessed a worrying rise in illegal battery imports in recent years. These smuggled batteries often lack proper quality control and safety certifications, putting consumers at risk of disinformation and lack of proper customer after-sales support.

Promax Trading Corporation actively cooperates with Philippine customs and regulatory bodies to identify and intercept parallel imported batteries. They also provide technical expertise to assist in distinguishing genuine Yuasa products. They highlight the importance of purchasing batteries from authorized distributors and verifying product authenticity through updated ICC stickers with QR codes where customers can identify documented distributor information, contact details and product registration.

By making informed purchasing decisions, Filipinos can play a crucial role in safeguarding their own safety and supporting ethical business practices. Look for the genuine ICC stickers on your Yuasa battery products, choose authorized distributors, and spread awareness about the dangers of illegal imports.

Customers should also be really careful when buying Yuasa Battery. Always check batteries with proper ICC stickers and QR codes that can be scanned through an app and check if the product is properly regulated and went through the legal importation process. All Yuasa products are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), which is virtually maintenance free, ideal for long term storage and longer lifespan

Yuasa Battery is exclusively distributed and SEC Registered by Promax Trading Corporation in the Philippines, at 2242-B F.B. Harrison Street Pasay City
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