PACS founder, ‘Danny’ Santiago, takes his final checkered flag

PACS (Philippine Autocross Championship Series) founder and local motorsport icon Danilo ‘Danny’ Santiago passes away this morning, February 18, 2023 at the age of 65 due to cardiac arrest.

Popularly called the “Slalom King” during his days of competing, he dominated local slalom races for several years. Taking the National Slalom Championship for six-years in row, a record that still stands to this day.

Prior to dominating the slalom circuit, Danny competed as a rally driver in the late 70s. With a race team that he formed them, Shago Racing, he competed with his former wife as his navigator.

Once the 2000s came around, his attention turned to organizing races. Starting out with the Shago AutoX series. The popularity of the series later evolved into the creation of  PACS or Philippine Autocross Championship Series in 2010. A series designed to further grassroots motorsports for aspiring motorsports participants. A way for him to share his knowledge to aspiring drivers who want to get into motorsports.

In recent years, his love for motorsports saw him competing once again in between organizing PACS races. Actively participating in the Philippine Rallycross Series, sharing cars with his long-time friend, Rallycross Champion, Steve Acayan.

On a personal note, I had an opportunity to work for Danny at PACS back during the 2013 season. During my short tenure there, Danny was an awesome friend and a cool boss. He left an indelible mark in local motorsports. Farewell my friend, have fun racing up in heaven.