Boxer Madness? An all Subaru meet

Photos by Angelol Media

The distinctive rumble caused by the unequal length headers from these Boxer engines rolled into the streets of Parqal last May 18, 2024. Subaru Club Philippines or SCP celebrated their 5th installation of Boxer Madness known as BM5. Coined because of Subarus’ Boxer Engine, this is one of the biggest gatherings of Filipino Subaru owners year to date.

With a solid lineup of 2-door, 4-door, wagons and crossovers from different generations as there’s always a unique way to build these very capable machines. True enough, the guests were presented with a lot of eye candy builds all throughout the venue with raffle prizes. Guests were entertained from afternoon until evening by their energetic hosts, DJ Jad Buda and The Silk Band.

BM5 was also attended by family members and their pets with an abundance of booths and merchants. It has been estimated that a total of 500 attendees were present and organized based on the make and model of their cars.

The streets were jampacked with Subarus allthroughout the event with the lights and sounds. Boxer Madness 5 were simply amazing to enthuasiasts and their families with the venue was just picturesque and beautiful.

JC Ibarra AKA Subaru Tr Ex God and the rest of the Admin Team would like to thank their sponsors, members and guests that made the event such a memorable one.

Boxer Madness 5 is presented by Subaru Asia and Atom Tech by HG Autoworks. They are co-presented by Aegis Detailing Philippines, Amsoil Philippines and Yokohama Philippines. They would also like to thank their partners: Moducare, YHI Philippines Inc, Aisin Philippines, GarageOne Auto Performance and Offroad Shop, Coolmate Corporation, Imprint Customs and the South Superhighway Medical Center.