Suzuki Burgman Econo Run 2024 Luzon Leg, Crowns Fuel Efficiency at 94.56 KM/L


Suzuki Philippines’ Motorcycle Division successfully concluded the Luzon leg of the Suzuki  Burgman Econo Run 2024 on May 11, 2024 with a top result of 94.6 km/L for the Burgman Street  Standard and 76.52 km/L for the EX variant.  

The event which kicked-off at the Suzuki Antipolo Motorcycle City 3S Shop, saw almost 70 riders  and 30 media and motovloggers participating in the highly anticipated fuel-efficiency challenge to  Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel in Lucban, Quezon. The route was a combination of the highly  dense streets of Antipolo with twisties, uphill and downhill roads of Teresa, Morong, Pililia, Famy,  Pagsanjan, Louisiana towards the dreamy town of Lucban.  

Parameters were set for all participants which shared a single route and rode on a convoy.  Suggested speed is 40kph to 60kph except during traffic wherein slowing down is necessary. Riders are also not allowed to turn off their engine. Marshals are present to ensure these rules  are followed and riders who did not follow the rules would be disqualified.

The Suzuki Burgman Street Standars and EX variants were the featured motorcycles for the  challenge. Both models are known for their impressive fuel economy and comfortable riding  experience. In fact, the previous legs of the Burgman Street Econo Run in Visayas (April 13) and  Mindanao (April 20) achieved fuel efficiency ratings of 93.70 kilometers per liter (km/L) and  84.4km/L respectively.

This series of fuel-economy challenge proved to be an exciting happening not just to the Burgman Street riders and owners all over the country but to motorcycle enthusiasts as a whole with high anticipation if the Luzon leg will indeed surpass the results of Visayas and Mindanao of which the Luzon participants did not disappoint.

Riders Category:  

Burgman Street Standard 

Ariosto Franco – 94.56 km/L 

Jerome Tariol – 94.45 km/L 

Danilo Insigne – 88.39 km/L 

Burgman Street EX 

Ferdie Santiago – 76.52 km/L 

Jesie Salagos – 74.57 km/L 

Orlando Navarro – 73.33 km/L 

Media/Influencers Category  

Burgman Street Standard  

Alex Alo | Lifestyle on Wheels – 73.9 km/L 

Novelyn Quiamco | 2Ner – 72.31 km/L 

Telly Buhay | TurbanRider – 66.20 km/L 

Burgman Street EX  

Ruben Moreno Jr | Boy 2 – 73.60 km/L 

John Mendoza | C! Magazine – 72.25 km/L 

Jessa Samson | Let’s Jess Ride – 67.96 km/L 

When asked about how the winners achieved their remarkable fuel-economy, they shared techniques such as better throttle control, keeping the right speed, correct riding posture, proper  maintenance of their motorcycle units as well as riding along to the bike’s responsiveness to  keep its smooth pace.

This activity, other than being a fun and friendly contest, also promotes the  importance of practicing responsible riding habits for better fuel-efficiency especially nowadays  that the cost of living is very high. One of the media/motovlogger participants (EzeMoto) even did  his own fuel-economy run on a Burgman Street EX with a pillion on the same route and they still  achieved a notable 59 km/L fuel consumption.

The Burgman Street Standard and EX variants are two of Suzuki’s Scooter offerings also dubbed  as the most affordable automatic motorcycles with maxi scooter styling making. With its comfort,  design and proven fuel-economy, the Burgman Street is definitely the ultimate urban riding  companion for the Filipinos. The Burgman Street Standard and EX variants are available at an SRP  of Php 83,400 and Php 92,400 respectively.