TradeShow International brings back TransSport Show this 2021

After a year of staying indoors, trying your very best keep safe from the global pandemic situation at hand, one of the industries that is immensely affected is the events industry. This year, however, we see businesses slowly getting back on their feet and certain events coming back on from their year long haitus. One of which is our much anticipated TransSportShow.

TradeShow International, Inc. has recently announced that the 29th edition of TransSportShow has been given a green light by the SMX management with the new normal protocols in place to protect visitors health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and its variants).

A short history for those uninitiated. TransSportShow is the longest running automotive exhibit in the country that focuses primarily on the Philippine aftermarket industry. Beginning in 1992, just 1 year short of 3 decades, TransSportShow has established itself from being ‘just another car show’ to becoming a part of the Filipino car enthusiasts’ psyche. An event to strive to become part of if you will. The entries of the event has always been held to high standard in the aftermarket industry.

This year, 2021, the event will be still be held at the SMX Convention Center on May 20-23 with three different possible layouts depending on the number of entries ranging from 30% to 45% of the venue’s capacity to conply with current health protocols.

While we aren’t out of the woods yet, technically speaking from a pandemic standpoint, it would be a nice change of pace to go to a car show at this point. More details on TransSportShow as soon as they are available.