Repsol Philippies Launches Their 7L Engine Oil Packaging for Diesel Engines


Lubricating engines is what Repsol lives and stands for. And that is what they do best. With several lubricant models to choose from, they have the ideal oil for your specific application.

Grand Toro Corporation, the official distributor of Repsol Oils in the Philippines, has just unveiled Repsol’s latest offering for diesel-fed engines. Introducing the 7-liter packaging of the Leader and Giant ranges of Repsol Oils, a first for the Philippine market.

The reason behind the larger 7-liter packaging is for the large oil capacities of the current crop of diesel engines nowadays. Eliminating the need of purchasing multiple 1-liter bottles of oil each time PMS (Periodic Maintenance Schedule) comes around the corner , thereby saving on total packaging, waste and ultimately cost.

Repsol’s Leader is highly versatile semi-synthetic base multigrade lubricant oil, developed for direct injection diesel engines and is also perfectly suitable for indirect injection engines. Offers excellent resistance to oxidation and ageing, has high detergent and dispersant power. It maintains the correct pressure at any temperature and under all working conditions, with minimum lubricant consumption.

Repsol’s Giant is the Top High Performance Diesel (THPD) lubricant oil that is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding latest generation diesel engines. It exceeds the traditional SHPD performance levels. The Repsol Giant is a product specifically designed for the most modern vehicles that require ACEA E7, API CI-4 lubricants, it is especially suitable for those that must comply with EURO III, EURO IV or EURO V standards according to manufacturer’s specifications. Can be used when biodiesel is used as a fuel, following the recommended change periods established by the manufacturers. Depending on the service conditions and EURO III engine type, this product can prolong the oil change period, provided the recommendations of the engine manufacturer are followed.

As vehicles nowaday demand more lubrication in terms of liters in the way they are being launched by car manufactures and being used by their owners. The 7-liter packaging made sense for both Repsol and their users. The usual 4- and 1-Liter package are still available though. But now mobility is expanding more and more though the years, Repsol Philippines can now cater the the bigger diesel machines that are responsible for getting our parcels or even ourselves delivered to the destination wherever in the Philippines and also inter-island travel. As Filipinos love Diesel SUVs, AUVs, and 4WD vehicles Repsol answered the demand for more liters. Diesel is still a big part of the market, Repsol Philippines has 7-Liters package for Leader and Giant.

All Repsol products coming from GTO (Gran Toro Corporation) are authentic and comes straight from Europe.