Global Automotive Leader, ENI Launched Innovative Lubricants in the Philippines

ENI, a global energy company engaged in the exploration, development and extraction of  natural gas and oil, power generation, refining and chemicals, is set to make its Philippine debut at Inside Racing Bike Fest and Trade Show 2024 happened at the World Trade Center Manila on March 22, 2024. 

The Italy-based company will introduce a series of specialized products such as transmission  oils, coolants, brake fluids, greases and car care products that provide the right solution to  individual users.  

The line of mobility-enhancing products that will be launched at the Inside Racing Bike Fest and  Trade Show 2024 includes: 

  • I-Sint series. High-performance oils for gasoline or diesel cars, with or without particulate  filters that meet the main performance specifications of the manufacturers.  I-Sint Tech series. High-performance oils, specifically designed to meet performance  specifications requested by individual manufacturers such as i-Sint Tech VK for VW, i Sint Tech VV for Volvo and i-Sint Tech P for PSA and so on.  
  • I-Sint Professional series. Superior oils dedicated to professional operators, such as  garage owners and auto parts dealers.  

With these innovative products, ENI hopes to help the Philippine market tackle industry trends  and challenges, such as the demand for more fuel-efficient lubricants, lower viscosity oils,  increased engine durability, and more sustainable products (i.e. reduced carbon footprint).

Mr. Gianluigi Rossi, General Manager for ENI Energy Shanghai Co., Ltd, said, “ENI has always  been involved in the research and production of high performance oils. The huge and well structured range of ENI products is made up of lubricants specially formulated to ensure the  correct lubrication of engines and transmission systems of passenger cars in accordance with  the requirements of the OEMs. Coolant fluids, brake fluids and products for accessory  applications complete the line.” 

ENI Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a 100% subsidiary of EniliveS.p.A.,  the ENI company dedicated to mobility products and services. In July 2022, the Singapore  branch was opened to take charge of lubricant sales activities in Asia Pacific and Oceania  Region.  

ENIis committed to provide a wide range of high-quality lubricants specifically formulated to  meet all types of lubrication needs from the automotive industry to the industrial sector. Since ENI was founded, the company has set up good cooperation with major auto OEMs such  as Mercedes Benz and BMW. It has kept angood discerning eye on the new trends and  requirements of international oil specifications including API, ACEA and ILSAC. By directly introducing its prominent brand of unique products to the local motoring industry, ENI  brings its rich history and internationally recognized reputation of providing quality products to  the Philippines. 

Furthermore, the company will certainly share its firm commitment to social and environmental  causes.  

Mr. Gianluigi Rossi explained, “our distinctive ‘Dual Flag’ approach is based on respect for the  individual and a willingness to engage in the areas in which we are present to foster  development. Alliances for Development are based on a deep respect for people, knowledge of  local issues and partnerships with national and international bodies developed and consolidated  over the years. Inspired also by the Paris Agreements and the Guiding Principles on Business  and Human Rights, we support community-based initiatives to prevent gender-based violence,  create income opportunities, access to educational and productive activities by supporting  women’s economic independence.”