Share some love…for your ride at NCL Miller

February is that time of the year when the feelings of love is ‘in the air’ as they would say. All those warm and fuzzy feelings of love can may make you want to purchase something for that special someone for that special day this month. Now what if that special someone is a special…something? Your beloved ride perhaps?

Car enthusiasts build a special relationship with their rides that only fellow car enthusiasts can relate to. We make purchases and install parts that may seemingly be trivial to other regular car owners. Enthusiasts want to spice things up, improve on what they got from the showroom floor and personalize their regular production vehicle, turning it into a unique piece of machinery that they can call their own. It’s a bond formed between you and your ride.

During this season of love, the most thoughts about gift giving is of a circular type that may or may not be expensive. We all know what rings could mean to your special someone. But for car enthusiast, a circular type of gift can also mean tires and wheels for their beloved ride.

Wheels and/or tires are probably the number one item on the checklist of every car enthusiast. Wheels make or break the overall look or theme of the vehicle. And for the tires, there is a performance and safely parameter that is addressed.

If you have been a long time Quezon City resident or familiar with the establishments along West Avenue, the name ‘N.H.Miller’ would be an all to familiar name or brand you see in the area. ‘N.H. Miller’ was established in the mid-1980s to be a reputable name in terms of selling tires and wheels. Named after it’s owner, Mr. Nelson Hallera Miller, N.H. Miller started out as your standard, run-of-the-mill wheel and tire shop along West Avenue, Quezon City. Working hand in hand with his better half, Carlota Miller, the business thrived and succeeded.

But in 1996, the business was renamed to NCL Miller. With the name change, the family run business set out to aim for loftier goals. They kept their heads down and quality work up through the years. In May 2021, right in the height of the global pandemic, a decision was made to make a location move. While the new still locations is still on West Avenue, it’s now closer to the historic EDSA.

The new location is huge compared to the NCL Miller of yesterday. They have moved into a stand alone 3-story building at 127 West Avenue, Quezon City to serve their prospective clients better. Modern and functional, the new building is not your typical tire and wheel center. The new location boasts ample parking outside for individuals just making inquiries and wide open service lanes inside for those who are having things done to their vehicle.

Now, the first thing that grabs your attention is a wall-to-wall wheel display upon entering the premises. With over 300 wheel design choices available to choose from, the huge display is only a sample of what they have to offer. The top most floor of the building is dedicated to storing all the different tire brands and models that they have on-hand, waiting to be mounted on wheels of the client’s choice.

Speaking of mounting tires to the wheels, NCL Miller is equipped with the latest tire mounting and wheel balancing machines so that you can be rest assured of the proper mounting of the tires to the wheels.

Related to tires and wheels, keeping proper alignment helps you maximize tire life and fuel consumption. NCL Miller has the latest wheel alignment machine on-site to check your vehicle’s alignment to check of your ride if needed.

While selling tires and wheels, mounting and aligning them is a staple for tire and wheel centers. Oil changes and other periodic maintenance chores are not. NCL Miller has those also covered. They have competent staff to do the work and have an area to the rear of the premises to do periodic maintenance work of client cars. In addition to that, enthusiasts can have things like aftermarket lift kits and bulletproof run flat inserts installed by their competent staff. A definite service rarity at tire and wheel centers.

While all of these things are going on, you may probably want to watch how things are going along. But companions may be uninterested or just want somewhere to wait things out as they finish. They have an air conditioned waiting lounge where they can wait it out, chill and relax while the NCL Miller staff are busy working outside.

With all the services and amenities that NCL Miller has to offer, one final consideration to purchasing or having work done there is cost. While prices may vary from one shop to another, all things considered, their costs are just right. Adding to the affordable prices are payment options with different bank cards like BDO, BPI, Metrobank, PNB, ChinaBank, HSBC and RCBC. They also have cashless payment options includes Gcash, Maya, Paypal and Atome. Their the latest payment option is Home Credit PH.

So you’ve got quality services, customer amenities, payment options and a location that is accessible. What else is there that you might want to consider a to visit NCL Miller? Operating hours. All the services, amenities, payment options and accessibility in the world will mean nothing if they won’t be open when you visit. The operating hours for NCL Miller is 8:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and particular holidays, their operation hours gets shortened by an hour to 8:00am to 6:00pm. Pretty convenient hours for the prospective clients, early enough if you want to come in before work and late enough to pay a visit if you clock out early.

So this month of hearts, consider also giving your ‘special something’ some TLC too. Paying a visit to NCL Miller may open possibilities in upgrading your ride. And taking bringing your special someone with you may deepen their understanding of the enthusiast ways.